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Bradford, UNESCO City of Film

Bradford became the world’s first UNESCO City of Film in 2009.

The cinema connections in the city are both historical and contemporary, with ongoing efforts to preserve, promote and enrich the city’s heritage of film. Bradford has been a film location since the beginning of cinema, with its indigenous film industry being traced back to the years around the First World War (WW1). By then the residents of Bradford had already witnessed important contributions to cinema development, such as the invention of the Cieroscope in Manningham in 1896.

The UNESCO City of Film designation recognises Bradford’s aim to use this history and the local popularity and accessibility of film as a major tool for regeneration, cultural development and social inclusion.

Through the UNESCO status and related programmes, the City aims to encourage more film makers and enthusiasts to come to Bradford, thus building for the community and visitors an exciting and inspiring place that enhances people’s film making knowledge, develops their film-making potential and provides a space to enjoy film.

Visit the Bradford City of Film website to find out more about what’s happening in the world’s first UNESCO City of Film.

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