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Creative Cities Network

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For information on how to apply to the 2015 cycle of Creative Cities please click here.

More than half the world’s population now lives in cities. UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network is based on the belief that culture can play an important role in the renewal and future development of these population centres.

UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network (CCN) connects cities which want to share experiences, ideas and best practice for cultural, social and economic development. The Network builds international links between cities that share a common creative history, thereby promoting the sharing of cultural and creative knowledge across national boundaries and economic divides.

Cities which apply to join the network seek to promote their local creative scene and share an interest in UNESCO’s mission towards cultural diversity. As part of the CCN a city is encouraged to support other cities, particularly those in developing countries, in nurturing their creative economy.

Cities can currently apply for one of seven creative city categories:

Creative Cities and the UK

The UK National Commission for UNESCO (UKNC) promotes the use of the Creative Cities Network as a tool for regeneration, cultural development and social inclusion.

The UK currently has four Creative Cities, in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bradford and Norwich.

Each of these cities has a unique heritage that will continue to grow and develop, helping to shape the future of their creative fields, both in the UK and abroad.

Find out more about the UK’s Creative Cities by selecting from the below list.

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Edinburgh, UNESCO City of Literature
Thumb: Edinburgh, UNESCO City of Literature
Edinburgh is the world's first UNESCO City of Literature, highlighting the city's literary heritage, vibrant contemporary scene and aspirations for its future
Glasgow, UNESCO City of Music
Thumb: Glasgow, UNESCO City of Music
Glasgow's City of Music title reflects its diverse musical riches and the vibrancy of its music performance and education scene
Bradford, UNESCO City of Film
Thumb: Bradford, UNESCO City of Film
Bradford is the world's first UNESCO City of Film, highlighting the city's historical and contemporary efforts to preserve, promote and enrich this important cultural industry
Norwich, UNESCO City of Literature
Thumb: Norwich, UNESCO City of Literature
Norwich became England’s first and the UNESCO network’s sixth UNESCO City of Literature in May 2012.

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