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Media Capacity Building

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From enhancing democratic participation and good governance, to improving access to locally relevant information and knowledge, the media is central to improving people’s lives and tackling poverty. Capacity-building of local media professionals and training institutions is an important part of ensuring a robust media in support of these goals.

UNESCO works to develop the capacity of media training institutions, improve accountability, ethical and professional standards in journalism, and provide media training in crucial but underrepresented fields such as science journalism.

With its more than 50 journalism training institutions and its history of a vibrant press, UK civil society has a lot to contribute towards UNESCO’s goals in this area. The UK National Commission for UNESCO (UKNC) brings together this expertise to support media capacity building, particularly within the framework of UNESCO’s potential Centres of Excellence in journalism training in Africa.

Learn more about our work in media capacity building by selecting from the below list of topics.

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Potential Centres of Excellence in Journalism Training
Thumb: Potential Centres of Excellence in Journalism Training
Supporting the further development of 21 journalism institutions in Africa to become regional hubs of training excellence
Science Communication
Thumb: Science Communication
Promoting effective and responsible science communication to improve people's understanding of the relevance of science to their everyday lives

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