Wider Value of UNESCO to the UK

UNESCO is the UN agency responsible for protecting cultural heritage, coordinating the tsunami warning system, setting and monitoring the global Education for All Goals, leading the UN’s Scientific Advisory Board and monitoring press freedom to name but a few of its global functions. But what is its impact and influence in the UK?

The UK National Commission for UNESCO conducts research to look at the wider value of UNESCO to the UK. Our latest Wider Value (2014-15) research demonstrates that UNESCO helped UK affiliated institutions and bodies to attract at least £100 million in additional income in one year. Not only is this value financial, being a UNESCO designation is also a recognised mark of world-class quality and a mechanism to enhance quality. By leveraging the UNESCO brand and collaborating with the global network, the UK’s UNESCO projects can access new programme, partnership and funding opportunities and influence key decision makers.

Read our reports below and find out more about the value of UNESCO to the UK, and also its significant untapped potential.