Apply for a UNESCO Chair or UNITWIN Network

The UNESCO Chairs & UNITWIN Network Programme is now open for 2019 applications!

The UNITWIN Networks and UNESCO Chairs Programme advances research, training and programme development across UNESCO’s work in education, science, culture, communication and information. Currently made up of 719 UNESCO Chairs and 55 UNITWIN Networks (across 700 institutions in 128 countries), the programme aims to develop inter-university cooperation, collaboration and information sharing to address pressing challenges and contribute to the development of societies.

In many instances, the networks and chairs serve as think tanks and bridgebuilders between academia, civil society, local communities, research and policy-making. They have proven useful in informing policy decisions, establishing new teaching initiatives, generating innovation through research and contributing to the enrichment of existing university programmes while promoting cultural diversity. In areas lacking expertise, networks and chairs have evolved into centres of excellence and innovation at regional or sub-regional levels. They also contribute to strengthening North-South-South cooperation.

In the UK, there are currently 23 UNESCO Chairs and two UNITWIN Networks contributing to this global network. From the UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration through Languages and the Arts (University of Glasgow), to the UNESCO Chair in Water Science  (University of Birmingham), the UK’s impressive and world-leading network of UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks covers a vast spectrum of academic fields.

Our role as the UK National Commission for UNESCO, as directed by UNESCO, is to carefully consider and evaluate proposals for the establishment of new UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks in the UK and to select a small number of high-quality proposals each year to put forward to UNESCO.

All UK higher education institutions wishing to apply for the UNESCO Chairs or UNITWIN Networks Programme must submit their application through the UK National Commission for UNESCO (UKNC). Information on our UK process, including deadlines for the 2019 cycle, is available in the application documentation below.