Cultural Heritage Innovation and Development Survey

Thank you for taking part in this survey with the UK National Commission for UNESCO and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Our aim is to gather a high level overview of existing UK-led innovative best practice within cultural heritage and development. The results of the survey will form the basis of a report for BEIS. The findings will be used to demonstrate examples of best practice and identify possible future projects and collaborations with other countries which could potentially receive financial or other forms of government support.

There are three parts for you to complete:

  • Part 1: Your / your organisation’s details.
  • Part 2: Best practice examples. You’ll be able to describe up to three projects in which you / your organisation have / has been involved. You’ll be asked the same set of questions for each project, including indicating whether the information you provide can be made public or is sensitive. For each project, you will be asked for some information about when and what it was and who was involved. There are then questions about potential for collaboration, including whether the project has received, or could receive, ODA funding and if you see potential for repeating or extending the project.
  • Part 3: You’ll be able to list any other relevant projects you’re aware of and provide general comments.

You’ll be able to save and return to the survey at any point and amend previous answers. Your final submission will be acknowledged and a copy emailed to you.

Have any questions? Please email Moira Nash