Creative Cities

Drawing together vibrant creative communities: using culture to make cities thrive

Creative Cities_York UNESCO City of Media Arts

The Creative Cities Network celebrates and strengthens local creative industries, bringing together proud communities to inspire dynamic urban renewal and economic growth.

By facilitating international collaboration and information sharing, the global network of Creative Cities uses culture to bridge nations that are divided by geography, but united by creativity.

Creative Cities work to:

  • Strengthen the creation, production, distribution, and enjoyment of cultural goods and services at the local level
  • Promote creativity and creative expression especially among vulnerable groups, including women and young people
  • Enhance access to and participation in cultural life as well as enjoyment of cultural goods
  • Strengthen the integration of cultural and creative industries and cultural tourism in local development plans

The global network is managed by thematic sub-networks, with for example, Bradford City of Film coordinating global network for film. These sub-networks are overseen by the Creative Cities Network, a small Secretariat that sits within the UNESCO Culture Sector in Paris.

The UK Network is made up of eight Creative Cities which work collaboratively and can provide support to those seeking to join the network in the UK and worldwide.

Wider Value to the UK

The UK's Creative Cities generated an estimated £2.4 million from April 2014 to March 2015 through their involvement with the global network. Source: Wider Value of UNESCO to the UK 2014 – 2015

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