London International Youth Science Forum takes place under UNESCO Patronage

The 58th London International Youth Science Forum took place in London this summer under the Patronage of UNESCO in recognition of its contribution to developing the next generation of scientists.

UNESCO Patronage is the Organisation’s highest form of support for exceptional activities that further UNESCO’s mandate to build peace in the minds of men and women.

LIYSF Director Richard Myhill stated:

“We applied for UNESCO Patronage to help further our aim to promote global citizenship and to reinforce the message to young students around the world that world-class research requires international cooperation with flexible movement of researchers, resources and ideas, facilitating collaboration and partnerships across the world”.

This year’s key speakers included Professor Romain Murenzi, Director of Science Policy and Capacity Building at UNESCO, Nobel Prize winner, Professor Ada Yonath and Dervilla Mitchell CBE, one of the UK’s leading structural engineers whose achievements include constructing Heathrow Terminal 5.

Founded in 1959, LIYSF aims to give a deeper insight into science and its application for the benefit of humankind. The two-week forum that was based at Imperial College London, brought together 500 young scientists from around the world to participate in a packed programme of lectures, demonstrations and site visits to research centres, scientific institutions, laboratories and universities. Students were invited to present their own research projects and receive feedback from participants. As well as looking to help broaden the participants’ scientific understanding, LIYSF also sought to provide a platform for participants to learn from peers from different cultures and develop lasting, international friendships.

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