New publication celebrates UNESCO Chairholder's pioneering work in Intercultural Education

University College London’s Institute of Education launched a new book this month on Establishing a Culture of Intercultural Education in honour of UNESCO Chairholder, Professor Jagdish Gundara. A book launch gave an opportunity for its expert contributors to make tributes to Professor Gundara’s pioneering work in the field of intercultural education.

The book’s contributors drew upon national, comparative and international perspectives to inform thinking and discussion on the topical issue of intercultural education. In the words of Cambridge Scholars Publishing:

“Given the current era of global turmoil and strained relations between peoples of diverse national and cultural origins, there has never been a greater need for intercultural education than there is today”.

The UKNC’s Andrea Blick attended the book launch and said:

“Establishing a Culture of Intercultural Education honours Jagdish Gundara, a pioneer in the field. The book is the perfect tribute for someone who has given so much to the field of intercultural education”.

Professor Jagdish Gundara is an Emeritus Professor of Education at the Institute of Education where he is also the UNESCO Chairholder in Intercultural Studies and Teacher Education. His research interests include intercultural social and public policies, curriculum studies; development studies; comparative education; citizenship education; multilingualism and asylum and refugee issues. He is the author of Interculturalism, Education and Inclusion (Paul Chapman, 2000) and co-editor of Intercultural Social Policy in Europe (Ashgate, 2000) and has published extensively in the fields of human rights and education in multicultural studies.

Edited by Leslie Bash of the Institute of Education and David Coulby of Bath Spa University, Establishing a Culture of Intercultural Education features essays and papers by internationally-renowned academics from the United Kingdom, Mexico, United States of America and Greece. Subjects covered include intercultural literacy, intercultural education as a public good and the development of intercultural education in Xinjiang, Northwest China. The publication also features an interview with Professor Gundara on the “State of Intercultural Education.” For further information on Establishing a Culture of Intercultural Education and to order a copy, click here