UK helps turn the tide at the IOC

UK IOC delegation and UKNC at IOC Assembly

Global marine science was the hot topic at UNESCO’s Paris headquarters last month (June), where the delegations to UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) convened for the 28th Session of the IOC Assembly. The Assembly elected Stephen Hall, Head of the UK delegation to the IOC, to the joint position of Chair of Group 1 (broadly consisting of Western Europe, USA and Canada) and vice-chair of IOC.

During the Session, the UK-IOC delegation and the UKNC co-hosted a breakfast briefing for IOC delegates on its recent policy brief on the future of the IOC. The brief highlights the value of IOC to the UK (and other Member States) and provides recommendations on how IOC can maintain its relevance in an increasingly crowded space.

Its release was carefully timed to coincide with the meeting of an IOC working group on the policy brief’s subject matter – the Future of IOC. The UK brief became an official Agenda Document for the 28th Session of the IOC Assembly (Item IV on the Future of IOC) and was mentioned in the preamble to the Executive Secretary’s Report to IOC Assembly, in relation to the Future of IOC Inter-sessional Working Group.

UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission was established in 1960 to act as the focal point within the United Nation’s system for global marine science. It is responsible for coordinating the tsunami warning system, for facilitating international marine scientific cooperation, setting agreed standards among the international marine science community and providing access to international marine science data.