UK UNESCO Chairholder visits Nepal to develop Chairs Network

The new UNESCO Chairholder in Adult Literacy and Social Transformation at the University of East Anglia, Professor Anna Robinson-Pant, recently visited Nepal to develop the UNESCO Chair Network and explore collaborative and research funding opportunities.

Professor Robinson-Pant visited Kathmandu in Nepal for two weeks, where she gave a seminar at the Tribhuyan University Faculty of Education in Kirtupur on ‘Exploring Insider-Outsider Research in Comparative and International Education.’ She also led a session on ‘Research as an intercultural encounter’ at the Martin Chaustari Library in Kathmandu. In addition, more than 30 doctoral students from Kathmandu University and Tribhuvan University attended a full-day workshop on participatory research.

Whilst in Kathmandu, Professor Robinson-Pant conducted scoping research – focus group discussions and interviews with doctoral students and faculty – on academic writing and publishing. This research is part of the first stage of a project funded by the British Association for International and Comparative Education (BAICE), in collaboration with the journal Compare, to strengthen academic writing in Nepali universities and in the region. Three BAICE-funded workshops will be held in May 2017 for research students, academic staff and ‘writing champions’. Further details on the upcoming workshops are available from

The UNESCO Chair in Adult Literacy and Social Transformation will launch at the University of East Anglia on 27 February 2017.