UK’s Cultural Protection Fund winners announced

The successful projects from the first Cultural Protection Fund application cycle were announced by the British Council in December 2016.

The £30 million Fund is focused on supporting UK organisations that are working with local partner organisations in one or more of the Fund’s current target countries within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The successful projects were:

  • Preserving Afghan Heritage: a project focused on the protection of built heritage and intangible craft skills in Kabul’s historic old city district, Murad Khane.
  • Training in Endangered Archaeology Methodology: this project will train archaeologists from six target countries in the use of an open-source recording methodology designed for conflict zones.
  • Training in Action: this project will train staff from the respective Libyan and Tunisian national heritage organisations in documentation techniques, preventative conservation and heritage issues.
  • The completion of the new Basrah Museum: funding will be applied to the completion of the three remaining galleries of the newly-opened Basrah Museum in Iraq.
  • Ground survey, documentation and protection: a three-year project to survey and document a pre-Islamic Alexandrian city and 14 other sites in Iraq.
  • Carved in Stone: Carved in Stone aims to tackle the threat to rock-cut reliefs in Turkey.
  • Revival of the Mosque of Moqbil: this project will preserve and restore a traditional rock-salt mosque in the Siwa Oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt.

The British Council is now accepting a new cycle of applications for small grants (up to £100k) and large grants (more than £100k). More details can be found on the Cultural Protection Fund website.