UK’s World Heritage Sites receive ‘royal approval’ at Giant’s Causeway

The Queen paid a visit to the Giant’s Causeway World Heritage Site this month, where representatives of the UK’s 29 Sites had convened for the latest World Heritage UK members meeting.

Her Majesty’s visit came as part of her 90th birthday tour of the north coast of Northern Ireland and she was given a tour of the Natural World Heritage Site by its National Trust team.

Meanwhile, Delegates from the UK’s World Heritage Sites and other civil society organisations were working through a packed agenda to share best practice and challenges relating to the development of their site management plans, many of which are currently up for renewal.

A particular focus of the conference was exploring how the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation can be used to inspire sustainable development in and around the designated area. Delegates also shared expertise on how changes to the planning system in England might impact on World Heritage Site management plans.

World Heritage UK was estalished in 2015 to undertake networking, advocacy and promotion for  the UK’s 29 outstanding World Heritage Sites, and the Tentative List Sites progressing towards WHS status. It is working to facilitate information sharing and partnership working with sites across the whole of the UK as well as counterparts overseas.