UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education

The call for nominations for the 2017 edition of the UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education is now open.

The Prize rewards the activities of individuals, groups, organisations or centres that promote girls’ and women’s education, in keeping with UNESCO’s policies and aims in the fields of gender equality and education.

Candidates must have distinguished themselves through outstanding activities that have contributed to promoting education for girls and women. Nominations will be made by the governments of Member States, in consultation with their National Commissions, and we recommend that expressions of interest for UK candidates are sent to the UKNC as soon as possible, as each application will be peer reviewed:  http://www.unesco.org.uk/engage/apply-for-unesco-prizes/

Deadline for UK applications is 7 April 2017.  Deadline for submission to UNESCO is 5 May 2017. For further information on the Prize, please visit: http://en.unesco.org/themes/women-s-and-girls-education/prize.