Why World Heritage Matters: World Heritage UK Conference

Representatives from the UK’s network of UNESCO World Heritage Sites met in Caernarfon, Wales, in October for the second annual World Heritage UK Conference.

The conference considered ‘Why World Heritage Matters’ with presentations from the Welsh Government, the UK National Commission for UNESCO, the Heritage Lottery Fund, the British Council and the UK’s newest World Heritage Site, Gorham’s Cave Complex in Gibraltar, among others. Delegates prepared an ‘elevator pitch’ to present to stakeholders on what makes their Site worthy of the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Status. Delegates were also treated to a tour of Caernarfon Town, including the Poppies: Weeping Window exhibition, which forms part of Wales’s Remembering for Peace campaign.

World Heritage UK is run by the UK’s World Heritage Sites for current and prospective sites in the UK and its Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies to facilitate information sharing and partnership, working with sites across the whole of the UK and overseas.