Global Geoparks in the UK

Article date: 30 Sep 2016, Author: UK National Commission for UNESCO

UNESCO Global Geoparks are areas of exceptional geological significance. There are seven Global Geoparks across the UK, stretching from the English Riviera in the South to Geopark Shetland in the North.

All of the UK’s UNESCO Global Geoparks have internationally significant geology but what makes them special is that they are community-led partnerships that promote an appreciation of natural and cultural heritage while supporting sustainable economic development of the area, primarily through geological and eco-tourism.

UNESCO Global Geoparks carry out work to highlight the connection between the natural landscape and all other aspects of natural and cultural heritage. This activity varies from cutting-edge research carried out in conjunction with research institutions and universities, to developing educational programmes, conservation activities and local outreach programmes to engage the local community with their geological heritage.

In this booklet, we explore the remarkable work of the Global Geoparks across the UK.