UNESCO Recommendation on protecting documentary heritage including in digital form

Article date: 12 Jul 2016, Author: UK National Commission for UNESCO

UNESCO’s Member States voted unanimously in favour of the introduction of a new UNESCO Recommendation on documentary heritage [links to text] at the 38th Session of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris, November 2015.

The UK National Commission for UNESCO (UKNC) welcomed the introduction of a formal framework for the identification, promotion and preservation of documentary heritage and, in particular, digital heritage.

UNESCO’s 195 Member States are now tasked with applying and communicating the Recommendation in their country and to report on their progress to the UNESCO Secretariat every four years.

In this policy brief, the UKNC considers where the Recommendation fits within existing structures in the UK for identifying, protecting and promoting documentary heritage. The UKNC also outlines key considerations and challenges for the UK in taking the Recommendation forward as well as offering best practice examples of effective work in this space.

The UKNC aims for this policy brief to be of interest to diverse sectors across the UK and hopes that it will provide value to other Member States who are also tasked with taking the Recommendation forward in their own country.