UNESCO Chair in Higher Education Management, University of Bath (2000)


Purpose/Objectives of the Chair/UNITWIN Network

The nature and structure of higher education around the world has changed more in the past sixty years than at any time over the six hundred years since the foundation of the university as we know it. Higher education the world over has evolved with the demand outpacing the supply.  Progress in science and medicine has had no boundaries and often driven on by the activities of war and disease; technology and engineering has transformed from the industrial to the knowledge revolution; whilst the Arts and Humanities have changed as cultures and politics have been remodelled.  All of which has necessitated universities and the technological institutions to dramatically change in the wave of demand with inadequate resource and often human capacity to support them.

Although the problems of growth are vastly different in magnitude in the global South than in the global North, the benefits of international relationships and inter-university seminars, workshops and training programmes has been hugely successful and mutually so to boot. The UNESCO Chair in Higher Education Management contributes towards research and building capacity in governance, management structures, resources, and finance at higher education institutions, agencies and government departments.

Specifically the UNESCO Chair is involved in developing twinning and other co-operative linking arrangements between the University of Bath and universities in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as developing sub-regional and regional cooperation networks based at the participating institutions. It also focuses on developing centres of excellence of specialised postgraduate studies and advanced research by agreement between the parties, with international support and hopes to foster scientific advancement through research in relevant disciplines, and to increase the availability of outstanding specialists within the participating institution.

Chairholder/Coordinator: Professor Richard Mawditt OBE

Address: School of Management, University of Bath, Bath, BA2 7AY, UK
Email: richardmawdittinbath@btopenworld.com

Professor MawdittProfessor Richard Mawditt is Chairholder of the UNESCO Chair in Higher Education Management at the University of Bath. His appointments in recent years include Director of the International Centre for Higher Education Management at Bath, Honorary Professor at the National University of Lesotho, Honorary Visiting Professor, University of Zambia, Chairman of the Higher Education Advisory Board, Mills and Reeve Solicitors, Honorary Treasurer and Director of the Council for Education in the Commonwealth, Governor at Millfield School, Adviser to the (proposed) new University in Dubai, and Chairman of Bath Rugby Football Club.

Professor Mawditt has previously held various appointments at the Universities of Bristol and Sussex, and at the University of Bath where he was Secretary, Registrar and Head of Administration for a number of years. He has directed many programmes for the British Council, World Bank and UN in many countries and conceived and designed the Doctor of Business Administration in Higher Education Management degree at the University of Bath . He was the founding Chairman of the International Meeting of University Administrators (IMUA).