UNITWIN Network in Global Pharmacy Education Development, UCL School of Pharmacy and International Pharmaceutical Federation (2010)

Purpose/Objectives of the Chair/UNITWIN Network

In bringing together pharmacy schools and faculties from all regions of the world, the UNITWIN Network in Global Pharmacy Education Development (G-PhED) enables structured development in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences education and improves communication for scientific innovation and healthcare outcomes.

The objectives of G-PhED are to promote better training, coupled with better care. The UNITWIN Network has established a dynamic and accessible database for faculties, educational data and resources for sharing within and outside the Network, thus facilitating North-South, South-South, and intra-regional cooperation.

The network has established a forum for discussion and debate on trends and developments and set up a mechanism for the exchange of ideas, skills, resources and good practice. Finally, the network is fostering international collaborative research, policy synthesis and strategic education and training development with a particular focus on international development issues through its open access peer-reviewed journal, Pharmacy Education, which is publishing around 80 peer reviewed original articles per annum, with African stewardship.

Recent achievements

  • The development and formalisation of a Centre of Excellence (in professional education practice) in Africa, supported by leaders drawn from Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Namibia, Zambia, UK and FIP.  Following the launch and evaluation of this leadership project in 2014, the UNITWIN Network will be establishing further Centres of Excellence in other parts of the world.
  • The development, with university partners, of an online shared resource platform which has created a commons shared resource being actively used by the global community.
  • The continued success of an international peer-review journal – Pharmacy Education – for dissemination of research and best practice, publishing around 80 original papers per annum.
  • Engagement with the UNITWIN’s network currently comprising over 100 institutional links.
  • A prominent presence at each global FIP congress together with a platform for presenting updates and progress, on average 5,000 delegates attended (2009 Lisbon; 2010 Istanbul; 2011 India; 2012 Amsterdam; 2013 Dublin).
  • An annual leadership session at the global congress dedicated towards young faculty and women in leadership roles in partnership with the African Pharmaceutical Forum and the Young Pharmacists Group.
  • The launch, in 2013, of a Global Observatory for harvesting data on the global pharmaceutical workforce in order to provide intelligence for workforce planning and capacity building, particularly in areas of greatest healthcare need.

Network Members

Address: Andreia Bruno or Joana Carrasqueira, FIP Collaborating Centre, School of Pharmacy, London International Development Centre, 36 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD, UK
Email: joana@fip.org
Web page

The network operates from the FIP Collaborating Centre at the UCL School of Pharmacy. The UNITWIN network is initially working with more than 20 universities in 14 countries, with the intention to expand to new members in the initial phase of operation.

Founded in 1912, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global federation of national associations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO). Through its 122 Member Organisations FIP represents and serves almost two million practitioners and scientists around the world. Throughout its almost 100 year history, FIP’s priorities have expanded both literally and figuratively to meet the needs and expectations of the profession in expanding healthcare services and integrating emerging scientific developments. In parallel, the membership of FIP has evolved to become the most extensive global pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences network. This network is continuing to expand its presence and influence through partnerships with some of the world’s leading healthcare, educational and scientific institutions.UCL School of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy is one of the most highly rated pharmacy schools in the UK and the only institution completely dedicated for pharmacy teaching and research. The School of Pharmacy’s mission is to lead in education, research and policy development that benefits patients and healthcare practice, medicines discovery and development, and society.

Selected Publications

  • Turning the World of Pharmacy Education into a Global Community Through Sharing. Am J Pharm Educ 2014; 78 (7): Article 130. Anderson C., Marriott J., Carrasqueira J., Brock T., Rennie T., Bruno AF.,  Bates I.