UNITWIN Network in Humanitarian Engineering including IT, Coventry University (2014)

Purpose/Objectives of the Chair/UNITWIN Network

The new UNESCO UNITWIN Network in Humanitarian Engineering and Computing aims to place cultural diversity and understanding at the heart of engineering and computing education.

The Network recognises that engineering is a global industry with engineers often facing situations that demand an understanding of social and cultural issues in addition to the technical requirements of the project. Working with partners from Massey University in New Zealand, Arusha University in Tanzania and Malta University, the Network aims to provide a platform for information sharing and policy dialogue on humanitarian engineering.

Crucial to the success of the Network is its close working relationships with NGO and Industry Partners who will help translate the Network’s ideas into engineering and IT training and practices.

Network Coordinator: Dr. Elizabeth Miles

Dr Elizabeth Miles is a Senior Lecturer in Project Management at Coventry University. She has led the development of Coventry University’s Humanitarian Engineering and Computing agenda for the past two years.

In that period of time she has been awarded the ‘Vodafone World of Difference Award’ and secured funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering for a Visiting Teaching Fellow, Visiting Professor and Professional Advisory Board.

She has been elected as a trustee to one of the partners of the new UNITWIN Network (Engineers Without Boarders UK).

Address: Faculty Of Engineering And Computing, Coventry University, Priory Street, Coventry, CV1 5FB
Email: aa7679@coventry.ac.uk